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Step 5 - Match the Campsite to Your Needs Motorcycle campers should know in advance where they plan on staying each night of the trip.

Reservations, when available, assure a place to camp, especially if there's a possibility of arriving late in the day.

If he rides dirt bikes, he definitely knows a thing or two about turning wrenches, and if he rides an old British BSA or Norton, he can probably fix damn near anything.

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In addition, according to a recent Tokyo University study, motorcycle riding enhances cognitive ability in those who ride regularly – in other words, it actually makes them smarter!Biker Match is a UK social, events and dating website by bikers, for bikers. Homepage | Advanced Search | Browse Profiles | Motorcycle Forums | Motorcycle Events Rules, Policies, Ts&Cs | Affiliates | Biker Match Staff | Help | Contact Us | Advertise On Biker Match Biker Match - The most active and friendly UK online motorcycling community.On future trips, develop your knowledge and skills, and gradually increase the length, duration, and complexity of camping trips.Step 2 - Plan Carefully Because a motorcycle has limited carrying capacity, take everything you will need but nothing more.They say you never see a motorcycle parked outside of a psychiatrists office, and there’s a reason for that; motorcycles are one of the best forms of stress relief you can find.

While most of this article was just in good fun, it really is true that motorcycle riders report more higher feelings of satisfaction and lower stress levels, both with life and in their relationships.

Motorcycle camping is essentially backpacking on two wheels; so going through a carefully thought out checklist is essential.

Several websites for checklists are included below, but some of those lists are much too extensive.

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As a rule, heavier items should be stored as low as possible and forward of the rear wheel.