Updating and retrieving data from java servlet to sql database dating profile recommend

Thus, for developing server-side extensions programmers usually work with the package.Basically, the JDBC API is a software library providing a number of Java classes and interfaces that allows programmers to: To demonstrate the basic capabilities of JDBC we will work with a simple test database.

Now use the static method get Connection() of the Driver Manager class.This method takes three arguments and returns the Connection object.This line of code will tell the Driver Manager which Java class to load as a JDBC driver class.If the specified class can not be found at the CLASSPATH then an exception will be thrown.The following example can be used for that purpose.

Suppose we want to develop a simple database application for a small shop, which sells computer components.The first package implements the so-called JDBC Core API, whereas the second package is referred to as the JDBC Optional Package API.Technically, the package is an extension of the package from a client-side API to a server-side API.The name of the driver class can be found in the documentation of a particular JDBC driver.In the above example we load the JDBC driver for My SQL RDBMS.We will suppose that we have a My SQL server running with the above database schema implemented in a database with the name "example".