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Zika virus – Incidence and trends To date, 7 countries and territories in the Americas have confirmed autochthonous , vector - borne transmission of Zika virus disease since 2015 .

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Manual update files can be obtained from the downloads page. The main changes are: Open ELEC 7.0 release contain a Kodi major version bump.

If you are updating from Open ELEC 6.0 or earlier we strongly recommend you perform a full backup before performing a manual update.The Open ELEC 7.0 Beta 3 (internal version 6.95.3) release has been published.Users running Open ELEC 6.95.1 or later with auto-update enabled will be prompted on-screen to reboot and apply the update once it has been downloaded and enabled in some hours.In the islands of Turks and Caicos an increasing trend of cases occurred b etween EW 36 and EW 38 of 2016.Other countr ie s/territories in the Caribbean also show a declining trend of Zika cases.South America All countries in South America continue to report decreasing number s of Zika cases.