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Tarkan's effect on Turkey has been compared by The Washington Post as analogous to Elvis in America c.

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If you have good quality pics of Tarkan, you can add them to Photo-forum. For Tarkan fans who are planning a Turkish summer holiday in July, his official site has released new tour dates for Turkey in the summer, with more dates to come soon, indicating a new Avea Tour in Turkey alongside his international tour.From the skid marks left by the falling chopper, I knew which way we had come from.Obviously, back that way would be the bad guys so I needed to get gone in another direction - now!Including over a dozen inert lumps that had been the crew and my squad.

Since I had been standing in the open hatch, I must have been thrown clear on impact.

For those who haven't read The Hotel, a few notes...

Sheik Hassan - The man whose tentacles of slavery reach into every country.

Suliman's - An erotic school in Turkey that turns out exquisite courteseans whose skills are indicated by the color of their silk neck ware.

These are not usually slaves or bound women and are known as silk girls. Tarkan's - A slavery, also in Turkey, where any and all kinds of women are collected, bought and sold.

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