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The theca is sealed with a red Spanish sealing was seal and three sets (of probably four) of double red cords of red silk.

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The case is hallmarked with a silver mark of the Vatican seal, that serves as an additional authentic and clear indication of the Vatican Curia provenance.The reliquary contains the following relics: Rare ca.Reliquary: 89 cm high by 32 cm wide (35 in x 12 ½ in), relic of St. 40 mm Please download the PDF file for additional information about this item relic of Saint Joseph.Sublime mid-20th century custom-made bronze reliquary cabinet held by two kneeling angels and decorated instricate chased ornamentation.It contains ten precios thecae: The front panel contains seven thecae centered around ornate silver theca with relics of of Saint Joseph.

Other thecae contain relics of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Ávila, Saint Maria Goretti, Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, and Saint Catherine Labouré.Mid 18th Century silver-washed brass reliquary theca, comprising First Class, ex ossibus relics of Saints and Apostles Peter and Paul, Italian saint and mystic Saint Nicholas Tolentino known as the Patron of Holy Souls, Saint Philip Neri, known as the Apostle of Rome, Saint Lucy young Christian martyr, patron of the blind, Saint Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church, and Spanish Saint Paschal Baylon patron saint of Eucharistic congresses and Eucharistic associations, dispersed around relics of the Column of Flagellation of Our Lord, and the Sepulcher of the Theotokos.The relics are mounted against a red background, and identified with manuscript cedulae.The relics are affixed around the perimeter of the theca and identified with arranged in flower petals pattern paper cedulas inscribed in early 19th century bi-color ductus.The reliquary is secured by a perfectly preserved seal of red Spanish wax with coat of arms Giovanni Luca Solari (†1810), Bishop of Brugnato (p. The reliquary contains the following 30 precious relics: Spectacular large silver glass-fronted oval reliquary theca decorated with chased floral ornamentation and housing rarely seen complete set of relics of all twelve Apostles centered around a precious relic of the Blessed Virgin Mary.Please download the PDF file for additional information about this item first class relic of Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra surrounded by relics of four saints: Saint Benedict of Nursia, Saint Honoratus bishop of Arles, Saint Amator bishop of Auxerre, and Saint Secunda.