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At the end of the semester I look over the student's record of attendance and assignment completion.

If the student has missed 3 classes or fewer, and has turned in all other work punctually then I grade the backup and enter the points without deduction.

The privilege of doing extra credit is contingent upon maintaining an acceptable attendance record. Student responsibilities: Full participation is expected from the participants in this course.

In line with college guidelines, I consider total absences/tardies exceeding one week to be excessive.Make-ups: No make-ups are allowed on the syllabus quiz, primate anatomy exam, or the final exam.The student is to come to the instructor's office during the office hour to obtain any handout or unclaimed work a student has missed due to an absence.Attendance will figure into my grading at the end of term if the grade is borderline (within 3% of a grade boundary).Dating | Alf Bat Pay | A Ki Matra Wale Shabd | Summary Of A Story | Salitang Naglalarawan Sa Tao | Grade 6 Afrikaans | List 8 Crossword Puzzle | Likas Na Yaman Ng Pilipinas | Frieze | Olive Trees | Commumity | Reviewing Divison Grade 3 | Hindi Handwriting For Kids | Scientific Notation Multiplying And Dividing | Liquid Mesurement | Letter T T Practice |Dating Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Dating.

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- AM; Fri – PMFaculty web page: Description: This course is a survey of the state of knowledge and current issues in the field of biological anthropology.

The primate anatomy exam must be turned in by the due date for credit.

In-class exams may only be made up under the following conditions: 1) the reason for missing the exam is a serious documentable crisis – a family vacation is not an allowable excuse 2) the instructor has been contacted on the day of the crisis or before.

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