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When anyone considers their denomination to be the 'only true way' consider for a moment that most people on the planet won't even get a chance to hear your particular doctrine or creed.

Many die before they have the chance - others are led in wrong dirrections.

A group of Methodist churches and chapels in a local area is called a Circuit, these produce Preaching plans (containing names of Methodist Local Preachers) and minutes of meetings held.

Thankfully God is bigger than denominations and boxes..he says in the Bible he will judge people according to what they know - you couldn't be more fair!It is far better on a human level if the spouses are religiously united.It is better both for children they have and for them, not only in that it prevents conflict but also in that it allows them to share true spiritual intimacy, which they otherwise are blocked from having.If your ancestor held office in the Methodist church in 1912, you could try the Methodist Who's Who SOAS have produced a nice guide to finding out about Missionaries in your family information See what others might have found out.

spouse cares about his or her religion), and they set a bad example for the children because the parents are not united in the most important area of life—their relationship to God.

For people with a Methodist ancestor there are a number of ways of researching your family tree using Methodist archives and records.

Local Church and Circuit Records All local Methodist churches and chapels produce baptismal and marriage registers and minutes of church meetings.

Find locations of Methodist church archives If you are looking for a copy of your own certificate of baptism the register may still be in the building in which the baptism took place.

In this case, you should be able to contact the current minister and obtain a copy.

There are 100's of Christian denominations in the church worldwide, often giving rise to much confusion amongst Christians and non-Christians alike as to which is 'the one' true Christian church - when obviously all churches like people are going to be fallible, diverse and different!