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Kodaiji Temple - a nunnery established by Kitano Mandokoro (Nene), the widow of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Koetsuji Temple - a Nichiren temple in the Takagamine district of north west Kyoto associated with the Edo Period artist and tea master Koetsu Honami.

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Ninnanji Temple - World Heritage Site - the "Temple of Benevolent Harmony." Nishi & Higashi Honganji Temples - World Heritage Site - wealthy Jodo-Shinshu temples located near Kyoto Station.

Rokkakudo Temple - the spiritual home of ikebana in Japan.

Chionin Temple - HQ of the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism. Daigoji Temple - World Heritage Site - established in the east of Kyoto in 874.

Daikakuji Temple - Shingon "Temple of the Great Science" with lovely lakeside location.

Kuginuki Jizo aka Shakuzoji Temple is dedicated to the relief of pain through the offering of a pair of pliers and two 8" nails.

Manpukuji Temple - founded by the Chinese priest Ingen and built in Ming style.Sanzen-in Temple - in the village of Ohara in north east Kyoto is known for the splendor of its gardens.Sekizanzenin Temple - tranquil mountainside temple near Shugakuin Rikyu.Ryoanji Temple - World Heritage Site - the world's most famous Zen stone garden.Saihoji Temple - World Heritage Site - aka the "Moss Temple." Sanjusangendo Temple - known for its 1,001 wooden statues of Kannon.Japan has a wealth of religious architecture - Kyoto alone is estimated to have well over 2,000 temples and shrines.