Frum dating website

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In fact, there are thousands of relationships generated from these dating sites each year.

You must create a profile that is interesting, attractive, and above all, honest.

Sometimes friends and family members inadvertently make dating suggestions that are based on shallow and superficial criteria.

This can be a recipe for frustration and heartache.

Some believe that you will not get to know a person properly through dating sites and they believe that it is pathetic to fall in love by meeting online.

Other singles will not respond to a message sent by someone you did not have a photo on their profile.What is desperately needed is a resource to help frum singles identify compatible dating partners in an easy and efficient manner that is in line with a Torah hashkafah.Zivug is a new, 100% free dating website that has burst onto the scene of shidduch dating and has addressed this problem head on.Before expanding to other areas of the Jewish population, Orthodox Jewish dating was its sole focus.The founders created the site in a halachic and approved fashion.What always struck me in my practice was that couples who were compatible were truly happier in their marriage.