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Please do not worry Alisha, as I Really Do Promise You That I Am Genuine.

I Very Much Look Forward To Hearing From You Sweetheart. I am a very nice young girl thats looking for my everything. Im a quiet girl that wants a close relationship, I want to have you as my seriouse love.

I find white men more attractive and open minded than indain/asian men. I alreday regsitered with few matrimonial sites but so far no success.

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I don't think that white (caucasian) women like the idea of ethnic women "stealing" their white men.I have found as an Indian or desi women, most white women to be quite hostile, rude, insecure and unfriendly towards other women, surprisingly don't see Indian women with white men though.White guys that deal with many white women know that the majority of them are easier to get if you ignore them.So it's usually the white woman that makes it known that they are interested in the guy.There was this beautiful Indian girl in my college class and I noticed she kept glancing at me and I simply looked at her and smiled. The next day in class she made a special effort to get to class and get a seat next to me.

When a white girl came in and asked her for her seat she started to get up and I asked the white girl if she could set somewhere else because we (Aathmika and I) needed to talk. White guys expect to have to work hard to get a beautiful woman to even speak.

If I was not dating the sweet Ethiopian woman I am dating now, I would go look for another Indian woman. I'm a white guy who was seeing an Indian girl who was here on a student visa... Most of the ones i see have lot of hair on their face kinda not lovey but they do lots of waxing hehe.

she totally changed my life in the short time we spent together. all u have to do with indian girls is give them attention and being white its easy as they will not look at their own kind.

I noticed that the American men who are married to foreign women are twice as likely to be very happy than those married to American women.

American women have been RUINED by feminism and other nonsense.

I heard lots of stories about scammers/cheaters in these sites. If you would be intereted in getting to know me, then you could e-mail me Alisha, my e-mail address is; h o t r o d r o n n i e @ uk is only a funny nickname/e-mail address that I made up for a bit of fun Alisha, it in no way reflects the kind of person that I am.