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In dating and relationships, for me, the greatest intention you can have is…instead of asking: What is in it for me? Just extending that love outward, so that the people that I love in my life, even the woman I am in a relationship with, my objective is not to get something from her, but to extend to her and make my focus in life making her as happy as I can possibly make her; helping her fulfill her highest dharma, her purpose in life, just to constantly be in a state of serving. Let go of your desire to have somebody there and constantly evaluating your happiness based on whether or not you are with that person.Einstein once said when he was asked about quantum physics, “To me, that is all details.” He said, “The only thing I want to learn is to think like God thinks.” How does the source of all things in the universe think? I think also the focus so often is just on what can this person do for me? e H: How can one go from being single and unhappy to single and happy/fulfilled?If you already feel you are complete, the universe has an incredible way of offering you what it is you are already living.I have often said, “You do not attract into your life what you want.WD: Getting quiet, meditate, treasure your own magnificence.

Recognize that you have, in addition to an ego self and a false self — this body and all of its accomplishments — you also have a higher self. When your eyes are closed and when you die, the whole universe disappears. That inner part of you that is processing this world that is your highest self. You have to go through life reminding yourself how incredibly valuable and important and terrific you are.

But before presenting Dyer’s interview, it is necessary to issue a disclaimer.

At the beginning of our conversation, the Wayne State University graduate with a doctoral degree in Educational Counseling made it clear that one of the first things he learned in life was not to give advice: “Advice is telling somebody what to do. As far as telling people what to do, I have always believed that everybody has the anchor of the universe located within themselves.

It is in the feeling that you have about it; the outpouring of love for it. Somebody else coming into your life isn’t going to give you what you feel is missing.

What I would urge you to do is be in a constant state of love for everything and everyone.

Wayne Dyer, spiritual teacher, author and internationally renowned lecturer in the field of self-development, has never really applied his uplifting principles to the art of romantic relationships, but he agreed to try just that in this exclusive interview for us.