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Let me know what you found out about ancestral homelands by viewing this collection.

Clues in a Curious Old Family Photo: The First Mannequin Challenge?

It's an electric train set with real street lights. C., made this picture between February 1894 and February 1901. You can view more images by Bell on the Library of Congress website.

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The Library of Congress has a very large collection of period color images called Photochroms. The real scenes of ancestral hometowns will keep you mesmerized for hours.Thank you for another fantastic year of family photo mysteries!Here's where to find instructions on how to share your mystery photos for possible free analysis on this blog. Dating Old Family Photos: Clues Under the Christmas Tree Posted by Maureen There are heaps of clues in this charming old picture of two children admiring their Christmas tree. They include: Keep reading for a little more about each clue. Woolworth's led the American market by first selling glass ornaments made in Germany and later, ones made in the United States.It's an image from the Library of Congress, whose cataloging record dates it to between 19. Tree Trimmings The glass tree topper in this picture looks a lot like the one my mother always put on our tree. There is a good chance your ancestors bought their tree trimmings at Woolworth's.Clothing Bobbed hairstyles for girls became popular about 1915 and remained in style throughout the estimated time frame for this picture.

Dropped-waist dresses for little girls debuted at about the same time, but this outfit has a scalloped hemline. Vintage Train Set A whole village with "snow"-frosted foliage rests under this tree.Sherry and her mother wonder if the older woman in the middle could be Mary S. Approximating Ages Mary was Sherry's great-great-grandmother, who lived in Glassboro, Gloucester County, NJ, and died in 1908.Whether this is Mary depends on the date of the image.The date is about 1910, but who are these young ladies, and where are they? Coloring the Past Wherever you stand on the colorizing of photos, you'll find the images pretty neat to look at.See how the details pop in a Thanksgiving tablescape colorized using Algorithma, an online coloring tool.Old-Photo Problem Solving: A Man Named "Christmas" Posted by Maureen Genealogists groan when they find a Smith, Brown or Taylor (don't I know it! Common-name woes abound, but what about a name that triggers too many search results for a different reason: It's also a holiday. In searching for holiday-themed photos, I went to the Library of Congress website and started looking for pictures featuring Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Christmas. The black-and-white images seem to create a visual distance between us and them.