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When Theo brings home a poor report card, he claims he does not need good grades to get a job.

So Cliff gives him an economics lesson with Monopoly money.

The kids take his advice to heart and plan a special Father's Day for their dad six months early.

Burke, a patient of his who is expecting child number 13.

But Cliff's plan backfires when Clair is struck by how good Mrs. Note: This is the first appearance of Ethel Ayler as Carrie Hanks, Clair's mother.

But his delight turns to disappointment when he sees that Theo has no moves of his own.

Denise wants to attend Princeton like her older sister, Sondra.

In 2009, TV Guide ranked this episode #15 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.

Cliff forbids ten-year-old Vanessa to see a scary movie; though he allows older brother Theo to go.With her music recital three days away, Vanessa cannot play a note on the clarinet.So Cliff arranges for her music teacher to give her private lessons. Hampton, (Dizzy Gillespie) tries to give her a crash course in the clarinet. Cliff Huxtable and his wife, Clair, a lawyer, invite daughter Denise's bright new boyfriend (Kristoff St. But the outspoken fellow soon wears out his welcome when he criticizes the medical and legal professions.Much to Cliff's dismay, Denise goes on a date with Rafael, an older man who is a former merchant marine.Cliff and Clair's plans for a quiet night are ruined when Vanessa and Rudy can't sleep, with Rudy claiming the wolf man was growling in her closet.Cliff is thrilled that Theo will continue the Huxtable tradition as a member of the football team.