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Praise be to God that his ways are not our ways." "There are two objectives for the seminar," explains Dr.

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"Separation can lead to an absolutely wonderful marriage if we are willing to deal with the problems that led to the separation." Chapman suggests treating the trauma of separation with a 9-1-1 approach, "If it were a physical problem, we would put you in intensive care and look after you day and night until you either died or got better.

Separation says this marriage is in serious trouble; it needs intensive care." Attending Toward a Growing Marriage seminars led by Chapman is one way to get help.

While dating someone new can boost your confidence after a break-up, should you wait until the divorce is officially over before seeking out someone new?

Returning to the single life is a major adjustment.

Your actions could have long lasting negative effects on how your divorce will be decided and it will also weigh heavily on the emotions of all of the parties involved. If you’re thinking about dating during a divorce, remember that you are technically still married until your divorce has been finalized.

If you do decide to start a relationship during this time, you should know that your actions could be detrimental in court when considering the division of your assets, spousal support, and also when considering custody issues.A year later the spouse comes back and says 'I realize I made a terrible mistake,' and they want to reconcile, but now the other partner’s already involved with someone else. People have mixed feelings about dating while going through the divorce process.Then my husband was convicted of his need to be in God's Word daily.Prior to attending the seminar I was certain I had two options, end my marriage or continue unhappily ever after.Call Bohm Wildish at 1-877-615-6620 to discuss any possible repercussions that could result from your actions or to get the best advice possible concerning your situation.