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After the rupture, the ice would reform, creating Glacial Lake Missoula again. Geological Survey hydrologist Jim O'Connor and Spanish Center of Environmental Studies scientist Gerard Benito have found evidence of at least twenty-five massive floods, the largest discharging ≈10 cubic kilometers per hour (2.7 million m³/s, 13 times the Amazon River).

During the last deglaciation that followed the end of the Last Glacial Maximum, geologists estimate that a cycle of flooding and reformation of the lake lasted an average of 55 years and that the floods occurred several times over the 2,000-year period between 15,000 and 13,000 years ago. Within the Columbia Basin, detailed investigation of the Missoula floods' glaciofluvial deposits, informally known as the Hanford formation, has documented the presence of Middle and Early Pleistocene Missoula flood deposits within the Othello Channels, Columbia River Gorge, Channeled Scabland, Quincy Basin, Pasco Basin, and the Walla Walla Valley.The historic Lace Market was once at the heart of the world's lace industry, Missoula's building itself functioning as a showroom for lace manufacturers to parade and sell their designs.Today, it is a sophisticated, stylish American bar and restaurant cultivating a chic, upbeat atmosphere.With a population of 56,968, there are tons of available singles in Missoula, MT.If you are seeking missoula dating and to hook up with missoula singles, you'll be interested to know that Missoula has 26,808 singles.Our web site is a useful resource for locating missoula singles, missoula dating and missoula personals.