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He's a photojournalist, and I was an assignment editor.

He was one of the members of the two crews I was responsible for sending to report on stories, though we actually didn't even meet for two months.

I was slowly starting to figure out that a guy's nationality or ethnicity wasn't as important as his character.

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They all seemed liked players to me — my cousins included. I watched my closest cousin cheat regularly on his girlfriend of 10 years.

And my I have one female cousin who dated a Latino guy for three years, but when she got pregnant, he left. They were engaged when she found out he got his ex-girlfriend pregnant.

All my close friends, whether Latina or not, have pretty much all dated white guys, though I have one friend who dated a Latino guy once.

They never made it an "official" relationship, though they were unofficially together for about a year. Really, I think I was scared of the idea that a guy would just pick up and leave.

I liked the way they talked, the kinds of things they did, the music they listened to.

It was a complete departure from the guys I'd see at those family picnics. But even if you have been unlucky in love, maybe it’s time for you to date a Latino/a.Don’t worry, you shouldn’t sharpen up your game if the opportunity arises. Lesson number 1: Don’t try to learn Spanish if you don’t want to be made fun of.I'd call and tell him where the assignment was, and he'd go meet the reporter there.After the morning shows, I'd tell them where to go for their midday assignment.Instead, I said yes and then proceeded to act like a complete spaz, even as we kept going on dates. If I could tell my younger self anything it would be: "A man is a man, no matter the family he's born into.