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At the end leave a note saying: “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on, will you go out with me?I Like You Messages for Him: Feeling nervous about confessing your crush on a guy? I don’t know if this is an impulsive reaction to how handsome you are. Stop harassing me by coming into my dreams every night. But now I am nervous, as I confess that I like you.

If possible, find out her likes and interests in advance so you won’t be tongue tied trying to decide what to do or where to go.Following the initial greeting, you need to lead up to the date proposal, and establish that she knows it’s a date.Take inspiration from this post to ask your crush out on a date in the sweetest possible way. 2) My tummy starts to rumble and my body language begins to fumble, my eyes start to flutter and my speech suddenly stutters. 13) I can go on pretending that I am just your friend, but that’s not how I want our fate to end. 14) I can’t pinpoint if it is your adorable messy hair, cute eyes or your handsome smile – but one of these is keeping me awake at night. 15) Just like how a princess kisses the frog to turn him into a charming prince, I kiss my pillow every night before I sleep, hoping that it will turn into you. 16) Thinking about you doesn’t give me reasons to smile. Then I would get so much more time to daydream about you. These are the side effects I get when I see you, because looking at a handsome guy like you makes me go whew! I want you to hold me close and hug me tightly, I want you to whisper sweet nothings in my ears softly. 3) Whenever you smile at me, my heart skips a beat and my eyes start to flutter…

hoping that I Like You too, is what your lips will utter. Get some chocolate Hershey Kisses and make a trail on a route you know she uses.Leave a note at the beginning telling her to follow it.Buy two tickets and put them in an envelope and drop it in her mail box.Attach a note saying: “I know you want to see this movie – so do I. Fill pink balloons with helium and draw pig faces on them. I want to give my heart to you and I want you to be mine.