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MARQUARDT: Yes, and it was just going out and very casual. I started getting a little closer with Hef and the other girls and it just kind of grew from there. I came totally pursuing playmate and found so much more. MARQUARDT: I mean early on I thought he was a really nice guy but I didn't -- I never thought of myself as being a girlfriend. KING: Rolled through the streets right, rounding up them varmints.

Ad I went to two years in college in Portland and transferred schools down here and went to Loyola and Mary Mount University for a couple semesters. MADISON: I was majoring, double majoring in theater and psychology, so I'm well prepared for (INAUDIBLE). MADISON: Well, I did want to get into the entertainment industry but, you know, it was funny as soon as I met Hef I kind of decided this is, you know, I'm just happy living here at the mansion and, you know, doing what I do. I came here knowing that they were the number one relationship and I'm happy with that. MARQUARDT: Because I'm having a great time doing it.

MARQUARDT: I feel like Holly and Hef are the main relationship and Kendra and I are kind of icing on the cake. MARQUARDT: I came to the mansion pursuing to be in the magazine. And, I started coming here and going to some of the parties and hanging out with the girls and I kind of made friends with them and started going out as a big party posse.

It's one of Hef's favorite holidays, one of the mansion's biggest parties.

KING: We'll be right back with Hugh Hefner, Holly and Bridget and Kendra. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) MADISON: Halloween is a major deal at the mansion.

I don't have real editing control but I'm very close to Kevin so I trust him.

MADISON: Well when your boyfriend dates other girls the age difference is the last thing on your mind. MADISON: Well, I love these two girls but my main hesitation going into the relationship was, you know, what's this all about? How am I going to survive with other girls who I presume are probably in some sort of a catty sorority situation?

I think that, you know, connecting to younger people does keep you young.

HEFNER: I think that quite frankly the relationship keeps me young.

They are also on the front cover of the November issue. So, for the next two and a half years I was going with three girls named Sandy, Mandy and Brandi. HEFNER: They all lived with me and that was like bad fiction but it worked very well and I think from... HEFNER: From there Brandi got an offer to do "Baywatch Hawaii" so she left and it just kind of grew from that then into at one point a couple, three years ago, seven girlfriends.

The reality show is "The Girls Next Door" and those girls are with us. And, within the space of about two, three months, I met an actress named Brandi Roderick (ph) and a couple of weeks after that a pair of twins from Chicago, Sandy and Mandy Bentley.

KING: I would agree and the age difference, age it's a number.