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Among other things these mean you can’t disinherit your spouse.So you can’t remove your spouse as beneficiary on any financial accounts or your Will until your divorce is final.

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It appears that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are gearing up for a child custody battle.Here's a brief overview of the child custody issues involved and the impact of a premarital agreement on property rights.Martha Hartney says that as soon as your divorce decree is signed, your spouse is “struck” from your estate.It’s as if they predeceased you and that means they are generally blocked from inheriting from you. If you named your spouse as a beneficiary on say a life insurance policy and designated them by name as opposed to “spouse,” an argument could be made that they are still your beneficiary.However, your healthcare POA, healthcare directive, financial POA or HIPAA release do not involve the disposal of assets so these can be updated while your divorce is in progress.

Chances are your spouse is named in these documents and if you feel that your spouse is no longer the best person to act on your behalf, then these changes need to be made sooner rather than later.Here are some of the complications that Martha and I chatted about.Once you’ve filed for divorce, there are typically some automatic, temporary restraining orders that come into play.The six things you must update are: While I say “update,” the truth is that many people don’t have the first five of these in place even though everyone needs them – the amount of assets you have has nothing to do with this.Divorce does makes this a little more complicated, particularly if you have minor children and this is the topic for my latest podcast with estate planning attorney, Martha Hartney.There are resources available online such as Law Depot, offering free or low-cost options for these documents.