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They then pass to an Italian restaurant, where they sit down down for dinner together.

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TWICE was once scheduled to accomplish for a different Cultwo Display 10-year anniversary match on July 1.Unfortunately, there has been heavy rain pouring sooner than and after their performance.Meanwhile, Rain had a small birthday birthday celebration with the workforce and dancers of his world tour on the 25th. Also, in the past at his concert in Beijing, the target audienceready a marvel birthday party for him.#Kim Tae-hee #Rain #news Watch: i KON’s Bobby And His Dad Revel in The Rain And Discuss His Desires On “Daddy And Me”ilmare42 June 23, 2016 0 June 23’s episode of tv Ns “Daddy and Me” continues to apply i KON’s Bobby and his father on their commute in Hawaii! ” he yells in excitement when he's taking down the pinnacle and starts to feel the raindrops, ahead of admiring the stars he can see ahead.Ji-hong then stated to her, "I'm going to do anything now, as a guy to a woman" and kissed her.

#Kim Rae-won #Park Shin-hye #Yoo Hye-jeong #Doctors #news The workforce is garnering compliment for keeping up their professionalism and performing despite the pouring rain.Meanwhile, Rain is on his global concert tour, 'The Squall' since November remaining year.#Rain #news On the episode of the SBS drama "Doctors" on the 5th, Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) and Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye) had a just right time.Yet y'all know, they say that painters are never happy with their paintings.” His father, who is a painter himself, consents and says that artists are at all times unsatisfied with their work, and that he’s never felt like his works are done even out after he’s signed them.“I’m constantly like that when I’m writing songs,” replies Bobby.The shuttle to Jeju Island in Would possibly was also a difficult one to slot their schedules.