Bf2 stats not updating 6 25

When you have a problem this bad, best to get in front of it, go public, and take control.

So I MSN'd him back and asked what the hell was going on and he confirmed this...Gamespy seems to be having stats accumulation problem and nothing is being recorded, now some have been on some servers, but it's been getting worse and will continue, all server providers are complaining about it now, so thats why it has been confirmed, I believe this has happend before and BF2 had 2 days down time last time it happend.If you remember though last time was when the 5 M*X guys took the and the guys in our clan have been playing on our server recently and in the past week or so, none of us have been getting our stats updated!!Doesn't make me a stats whore just because I want to achieve the in game goals.

Well, I have the same problem, I played yesterday I don't know how much points I got but the are not few, however the last Battle shows up on the 16th, from other forms as well it seams that the problem starts on the 17th.

Yep, I am not playing until this is either resolved or a public statement is made. cking game companies, they think we are all their bitches and they can treat us like sh! Well Like I said I lost about 20 hours of play and points as I thought it was just slow at updating, so I carried on playing, only to find this out and this hasn't even been made official yet, it only something I found out a few hours ago, but was told it's definatly a Gamespy issue with the random servers who are having problems not recording stats.

Some servers are working but shit for people like me who have paid to run a server and not get anything from it.

I blame my eagerness to rank up to the little birdie rank.

Source Yeah at least 20 people I know say they are not updating (including me) I ve lost thousands of points and several Golds etc, others are waiting to get promotions. Aye, The fact we don't like losing points towards our next rank makes us stat whores? I play plenty of unranked mods as well like POE and DC.

anything that has not been updated will have been lost, EA have confirmed that, so all the work over last 3 days on BF2 will be lost.