Between dating and relationship Free c2c chat

Ever wonder why there are so many cookies and cupcakes out there?

Those chemical feelings you get when you're with someone are most often confused for love.

Relationships collapse because, like crème brûlée, if you don't have the patience and experience, there's just no holding it together.

Lucky for us, Laura Umphrey and John Sherblom, researchers from the Universities of Alaska and Maine (respectively), have simplified the process.In one of their studies, they found the keys to understanding your relationship development–there are three distinct relationship stages and this is what each stage looks like.Half the time and energy expelled in a relationship revolves around trying to figure out how the other person feels. The feelings have already been established and solidified.Partnerships are about taking those feelings and proving them every day.There are no more extreme highs replaced by crashing lows.

The anxiety, butterflies and nerves that were once used to keep the relationship going are now replaced with a stability that keeps it on track.They are rarely formed because most people don’t want to take the time to get there.Most couples give up on the idea of crème brûlée before they even attempt it.They are two people trying to make something together — never just two people who don’t know how to be alone.The instability of relationships comes from the opaqueness of feelings.Lauren Martin is a Senior Lifestyle Writer at Elite Daily.