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In order to start showing your ads at other sites in the network you should upload your own banners first. You can use banners on as many pages as you want, and you should.The more pages you use and the more traffic you exchange, the more users will come to see your site. Login, click 'Sell Impressions' and sell your unused impressions.The payment will be issued to you within two business days.

The more traffic you exchange - the greater number of people who are likely to visit your site. Think of your web site as a shop on a busy, downtown street; the more people who drop by the shop, the more your retail business prospers.

This means increased sales and better profits for you. If you think about it, you clearly cannot afford to opt out of a banner exchange network like!

The remaining one view is offered to the paying advertisers, who cover the cost of running this service.

We accept English-language high-profile dating-related websites, geared towards building lasting relationships. Click on 'Banner manager' and follow the instructions to upload your banners.

You will get a healthy exchange rate 5:4 and detailed traffic statistics.

You get more traffic by exchanging banner advertising.Offering banner advertising means that you are exchanging "used" visitors for fresh ones who click on your banner on another client's site.New visitors may stay to sign up for your services, meaning more sales for a free and robust online advertising engine for companies and webmasters who run dating and singles matchmaking websites.uses a state-of-the-art banner exchange system that offers a multitude of benefits, compared to other exchange services.This increases web traffic to your website and generates more sales for you. This would deactivate your banner advertising campaign but you would receive financial compensation for your unused banner impressions.