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Pics via Pacific Coast News Demi’s ugly and scary daughter she has to pretend to not be ashamed of needs to take a little more of her mom’s lead.She’s trying to be an actor like her mom, she’s going to have to have extensive surgery to look human like her mom, but she hasn’t figured out how to not show the world her disgusting panties no one wants to see, but her mom’s become pro at not showing the world her pussy, because she knows it’s an old polluted mess and she can’t handle the embarrassment of the world seeing the green shit oozing out of her that she’s mysteriously had dripping out of her since Rumer was born…maybe it’s time for a mother/daughter meeting to discuss panty etiquette when you have panties people don’t trust are thick enough to contain toxic cunt.

At the time I thought X-Tina Aguilera was a one maybe two hit wonder.I was so convinced that I used to make drunken bets with the drunks I hung out with about how she’d be some gutter pig 10 years down the road, who had burned through her one or two hit wonder money, and who would be easy to fuck if you had a couple bucks for her to use to fuel her drug addiction.I think we should just be happy she’s wearing panties…because as you know mothers generally have really mangled vaginas, the kind of shit you’d find in a Sci-Fi movie coming to eat your babies…it’s like she’s got Avatar in her fucking pants, only it didn’t make her a billion dollars, but it did make her a couple million, so I’m sure her whore self feels like accomplished…at least a lot more accomplished than the whores she left behind back when she was a nude model and stripper….I am posting them anyway…Pics via Fame Karolina Kurkova was the big Victoria’s Secret model who was on the line to get fired for a long time because she was so fucking thick…and Victoria’s Secret knows that despite a lot of fat women ordering their white trash shit, and a lot of fat men jerking off to their shit, the bitches who grace the pages of the shit, have got to have it going on….if you’re wondering why Karolina Kurkova is so thick, it’s probably because her fitness regime involves Lawn Bowling, a low impact sport for 90 year olds to stay active, but I have a feeling this is actually some event, and her fitness regime is really non-existant, which is pretty fucking lazy considering being fit is her fucking job and she makes millions to stay fit, but I don’t care, I’m just happy looking up her skirt…if it’s shitty and even if I’ve seen her half naked and in panties before…cuz lawn bowling, up until today, is statistically the hardest sport to jerk off to….See if she is naked on the cover, she is supposed to be more naked on the inside, I’m talking spread the fuck eagled.

No, dressing her up in horse fetish gear I see the local hipster weirdos wearing to local parties doesn’t cut it….that’s just on some Lady Gaga “Let’s be shoocking” bullshit that doesn’t let me jerk off to her ripped apart mom pussy or even her fake tits, which basically means a fucking fail….

I guess it’s got to do with Vegas being the only place in the world that wants Kim Kardashian to endorse their nightclubs enough to pay the bitch, you know since Vegas is the trashiest fucking place on earth with a whole lot of fucking money to spend on useless cunts, kinda like when one of your friends from the gutter wins 5,000 dollars in the lottery and shows up to the park the next day with gold teeth because he fuckin’ can, kind of thing.

The only good thing about these pictures is that it reminds me of a local chachi bar that is probably getting Ed Hardy and bottles of Grey Goose with sparklers swept from the fucking floor from last night’s festivities, where I got stuck partying with Nicole Richie 4 years ago because the promoter thought I was DJ AM’s friend, resulting in free booze all night and great conversation with that useless cunt, like whether I could have Lohan’s phone number or not, but giving me a perfect vantage point of the balcony, designed just like this balcony, where mini skirt wearing girls lined the clear glass raining and I saw at least 20 pantyless chachi pussies and it was far more amazing than these pics…

I would have been more inclined to use a Celine Dion song…or maybe some 80s love song…cuz there’s nothing not romantic about this…except maybe her mom…

On a sidenote, I think I used to sponsor this girl in the 90s when I didn’t mind giving the price of a coffee a day to Central America via the Christians and it’s nice to see little Ana Cistina all grown up in her Goodwill donated used underwear giving back to me…but that could just be the fantasy I had when paying the 25 dollars a month….

The only good news is that the photographer has pictures on his hard drive of her cunt from when they were trying to get the cover shot, and that means that there is the possibility of a “Leak” or “stolen computer”, and I hope I somehow get involved in that scandal….