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The College has a number of international programs in four countries.Sarah Lawrence makes all practical efforts to preserve its most characteristic elements, such as one-on-one interaction with professors, small classes, and an emphasis on qualitative comprehension, in its programs overseas.His name can be found on the affluent Lawrence Park and Lawrence Park West neighborhoods, the Houlihan Lawrence Real Estate Corporation, and on Lawrence Hospital in downtown Bronxville, an institution that was created when Lawrence’s son, Dudley, nearly died en route to a hospital in neighboring New York City.

Students pursue a wide variety of courses in four different curricular distributions: the Creative Arts (writing, music, dance, theatre, film, and the plastic arts, such as painting, printmaking, drawing and sculpture); history and the social sciences (e.g., anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology); the humanities (e.g., Asian studies, art history, film studies, languages, literature, philosophy, and religion); and natural science and mathematics (biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and mathematics).

Classes are structured around a seminar-conference system through which students learn in small, highly interactive seminars and in private tutorials with professors.

Sarah Lawrence offers eight graduate programs, each of which confers the Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts, or Master of Science degree upon its graduates.

In contrast to highly specialized, research-oriented doctoral study, these programs reflect the emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and the close student-teacher relationship that have come to be characteristic of the College's undergraduate program.

Harold Taylor, President of Sarah Lawrence College from 1945 to 1959, greatly influenced the college.

Taylor, elected president at age 30, maintained a friendship with educational philosopher John Dewey, and worked to employ the Dewey method at Sarah Lawrence.Michele Tolela Myers, a former president of Sarah Lawrence College. Of this decision, Myers states, "We are a writing-intensive school, and the information produced by SAT scores added little to our ability to predict how a student would do at our college; it did, however, do much to bias admission in favor of those who could afford expensive coaching sessions." As a result of this policy, in the same The Washington Post article, Dr. She further argues that if SLC were to decide to stop sending all data to U. News & World Report, their ranking would be artificially decreased. News & World Report rates Sarah Lawrence tied for the 57th best liberal arts college in the nation.As Sarah Lawrence College dropped its SAT test score submission requirement for its undergraduate applicants in 2003, thus joining the SAT optional movement for undergraduate admission, SLC does not have SAT data to send to U. On Tuesday, June 19, 2007, following a meeting of the Annapolis Group, which represents over 100 liberal arts colleges, Sarah Lawrence announced that it would join others who had previously signed the letter to college presidents asking them not to participate in the "reputation survey" section of the U. News & World Report survey (this section comprises 25% of the ranking). In 2016, Forbes rated it 110th overall in its America's Top Colleges ranking, which includes 660 military academies, national universities, and liberal arts colleges.The school models its approach to education after the Oxford/Cambridge system of one-on-one student-faculty tutorials, which are a key component in all areas of study.Sarah Lawrence emphasizes scholarship, particularly in the humanities, performing arts, and writing, and places high value on independent study. Sarah Lawrence was also named the higher education institution with the best faculty in all of America by Princeton Review in 2013.In these conferences, students develop individual projects that extend the course material and link it to their personal interests.